07 May 2009

One of the most important practices I stress in class is to create multiple figure compositions from the random (or deliberate) poses
of the model you work with. Understanding the linking of bodies as a compositional force is fundamental to the design of a work. Here, the three 7 minute drawings were done consecutively, the frontal standing one first. The layers (overlap) emphasize the space in the page. The placement of the feet and hip establish a consistent ground-plane. The order is this: on the page, in the same space, on the same ground-plane. Only this last condition includes the previous. You can practice with objects on a table and short studies, 7-20 minutes, identifying the forms and space, not the light and shapes. Try it out.

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Tim Moen said...

gaffney! its good to see your stuff on blogger. i had no idea you posted. these drawings are rad!